How To Block Airtel SIM Card Online for Prepaid and Postpaid Customers

If you’ve lost your phone or don’t want to keep Airtel SIM, Then you have to block Airtel SIM card. If you don’t know how to block Airtel SIM Card, don’t worry there is a simple way to do it. In the case of the phone lost or stolen, you must go to an Airtel store nearby and explain the situation to the Airtel customer service representatives. You have to block Airtel SIM instantly to prevent the misuse of your airtel number. Or, if there is no airtel store nearby to you, then contact Airtel support.

So, let see more detail below on How to block Airtel SIM?

How To Block Airtel SIM Number?

Deactivating your Airtel SIM number is a very easy and simple step. Now I’ll explain the steps in detail.

  • Call Airtel’s customer service at 121 (it may be chargeable calling per min)
  • Tell them to deactivate your airtel phone number.
  • They will ask for some details for verification about you are the real owner of the phone number or not.
  • They will deactivate your number after checking all of the data, however, you can also reactivate the service by calling them again
  • Visit the Airtel helpline website

How To Block Airtel Sim If Lost?

To block individual Airtel SIM cards, Call the SIM card network operator’s helpline. i,e. To block Airtel SIM card call 121 or directly visit the customer service center. After verifying your SIM card number (such as FNF number, mother’s name, birth date, ID card, or last recharge amount), the helpline will move on to the further process to close or block your SIM card.

Your corporate line manager or main account manager will submit a request to the SIM card network operator to block corporate Airtel SIM cards. In certain cases, a GD copy is required, as well as the submission of an application and the fill the complete form with correct details

  • Deactivate GSM features by enabling “Forward all calls” using a particular code given by the SIM network operator (for example, *002*[Phone Number]#).
  • For GSM features activation, use a particular code (like ##002#) to cancel all modes of call forwarding.

Important Point: You have to know before blocking Airtel SIM Card Online

121 numbers are valid to block SIM for both Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid customers. But before calling you should know these important details.

  • Airtel phone number that you want to block
  • Recently Dialed numbers
  • Last recharge amount on Airtel Number
  • Proof of address or identity is required.

To obtain a new Airtel SIM, go to the nearest Airtel store with a copy of your address and proof of identity. It takes time up to 4 hours to activate the new SIM. If you have any remaining balance on the lost SIM, The Airtel company will carry forward those balance with validity to your new SIM card.

Somehow you get back your lost phone number and want to reactivate or unblock that Airtel SIM, then you need to call 121 again.

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