How To Activate/Deactivate BSNL Caller Tune Easily?

BSNL caller tune service provides you with an exciting way to entertain your callers. Get away from the old and boring “Ring Ring” sound and greet your callers with your favorite song. With the BSNL caller tuner service you can set popular and beautiful songs as your BSNL caller tune. You might hear about it, but if you don’t, then wait here. Here is a step-by-step process to activate and deactivate BSNL caller tune from your BSNL number. 

You can set BSNL caller tune from the largest collection available across countries like Bollywood, Regional and so more. With BSNL name tune service add your name on your caller tune to entertain your callers in a unique way.

How Much Does It Cost To Activate Caller Tune on BSNL Number?

In order to activate BSNL tune, you have to pay Rs.30 Per month as a BSNL caller tune charges. But to change the song of your BSNL caller tune, it costs RS.12 for every song or renewal of songs. The validity of every BSNL caller tune is 30 Days. After that, you have to renew it with Rs.30 more.

How Can I Deactivate BSNL Caller Tune?

To deactivate the BSNL caller you have to use the BSNL caller tune deactivation number 56702 or send a text “STOP” on 155223. By both these ways you can easily stop caller tune service activated on your BSNL number.

How To Activate BSNL Caller Tune on Your BSNL Number?

You have 3 ways to activate BSNL dialer tones on your number. By using USSD code for BSNL caller tune service, using IVR number, and using BSNL SMS service. Let’s understand all methods step-by-step to subscribe BSNL caller tune on your device.

Get BSNL Caller Tune Service With USSD

Just dial *567# and follow the USSD instructions to activate BSNL caller tune service with USSD method.

Set BSNL Caller Tune With IVR Number

Call on 56789, 56700, 56768 (Rs. 2 per minute), and choose your favorite dialer tone from the available options. 

Set BSNL Caller Tune Through SMS

To activate BSNL caller tune by SMS, you can send “BT 32102” to 56700. The BT Code can be changed according to your song preference. It is an important code for the particular tune you want to set as a BSNL caller tune. 

Activate BSNL Tune Service By Using My BSNL Tunes App

With “my BSNL tunes application” you can easily search and set your favorite tune as your BSNL tune for callers. This app allows you to choose songs according to your preferred language. You can change, activate, and deactivate BSNL caller tune any time by using this app on your mobile.

Even it allows you to choose songs from different available categories like instrumental, latest, evergreen, dialogs, and much more. You can also set your Name as your BSNL caller tune to entertain your callers in a different way. This app is so user-friendly and you do not need any type of technical knowledge to operate it. 

To get your favorite caller tunes use the BSNL caller tune number.

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Activate BSNL Caller Tune Online | Enable Caller Tune in BSNL

Steps to subscribe or change BSNL caller tune online:

  • Visit the BSNL caller tune website on your device.
  • From the list of available songs, choose your favorite one for your caller tune.
  • After selecting the song, click on the mobile icon.
  • Now fill in your number and verify to activate BSNL caller tune via online.

How To Remove BSNL Caller Tune on BSNL Number?

In order to deactivate BSNL caller tune or cancel BSNL caller tune, either you can call or use SMS service. To delete BSNL caller tune on your number, call on 56700 from your BSNL mobile number.

You can also SMS “UNSUB” to 56700 or 56799 to remove BSNL caller tune from your number.

When Should I Deactivate BSNL Song?

This question can easily come into your mind if you use BSNL caller tune services. According to us, you should disable BSNL caller tune from your mobile when its get expired automatically. Usually, it takes 30-days to deactivate caller tune in BSNL and after that, you can renew it or change it by paying RS.30 for next month.

How Activate BSNL Free Caller Tune?

You can use BSNL free hello tune trick to activate BSNL free caller tune on your number. To set BSNL caller tune for free send a message with the text “BT 7903280” and send it to 56700. You will get a confirmation message on your number of free caller tunes on BSNL.

FAQs About How To Deactivate and Activate BSNL Caller Tune

What Is BSNL Caller Tune Service?

With this service, you can set your favorite song, dialogue, or your BSNL caller tune for your callers.

What Are Official BSNL Caller Tune Charges?

The official BSNL caller tune charges are 30 rupees per month.

Can I Activate BSNL Caller Tune From BSNL Tune Web Postal?

Yes, you can change or enable BSNL caller tune service from the BSNL tune web portal also.

What Is The BSNL Hello Tune Deactivate Number?

The BSNL hello tune deactivate number is 155223 on which you have to send a message “STOP“.

How To Deactivate BSNL Caller Tune Deactivate Number?

To remove or deactivate BSNL caller tune service you can call on “56700” number or send a message.

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