How To Stop Call Forwarding In Airtel? [Deactivate Code]

Today we will tell you how to stop call forwarding in Airtel SIM mobile phone. So, let’s start our guide with Airtel call forwarding deactivate code.

There are many Airtel users who like to use the call forwarding feature in their Airtel mobile phone. With this call forwarding feature, users can divert their incoming calls to another mobile number to avoid missing important phone calls.

This is very useful feature when your SIM is at no network place.  But Airtel charges a cost for this. So  You must have to know about how to stop call forwarding whenever you want.

How to Stop Call Forwarding Airtel in 2024?

You can deactivate or stop call forwarding feature on your Airtel mobile phone by following our guide.

To switch off divert for airtel use these codes:

  • When your Airtel phone has activated call forwarding for unanswered calls, Dial “##61#” code to deactivate Airtel call forwarding.
  • When your Airtel phone has activated call forwarding for not reachable calls, Dial “##62#” Airtel call forwarding deactivate code.
  • When your Airtel phone has activated call forwarding for busy calls, Dial “##67#” to deactivate call forwarding in Airtel.
  • When your Airtel phone has activated call forwarding for all incoming phone calls, Dial “##21#” call forwarding deactivate code Airtel.

You only need to dial the above Airtel divert code number from the Airtel mobile number to stop the call forwarding in Airtel. These are the 4 options (unanswered, not reachable, busy & forward all calls) for which you have to dial a particular deactivate code to stop the service.

Hope, By dialing this Airtel call forwarding deactivate code you have stopped the call forwarding feature. And if you want to deactivate Airtel missed call alert service then you can try its specific USSD code also.

The alternative process to stop call forwarding in Airtel is by changing the mobile setting.

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How can I deactivate Airtel call forwarding in 2024?

To deactivate call forwarding on your Airtel SIM phone. Follow this steps to stop call forwarding process from your phone setting.

Go to Settings > Call > Advance settings > then select Call forwarding option

(The navigation setting may be different on different types of mobile handsets.)

After visiting call forwarding phone setting option, you will see these four options:

  • Always forward
  • Forward when busy
  • Forward when unanswered
  • Forward when unreachable

If somehow you don’t have remember which option is already activated in your phone. Then simple check out all 4 options individually and delete the phone number you have entered previously. By doing this step you have simply deactivated the call forwarding service for Airtel.

Hope now you have know about how to stop call forwarding in Airtel.

These are queries that were ask by most of the users.

How do I turn off call forwarding?

  1. Many devices have settings these similar settings mentioned below.
  2. Open the Phone app.
  3. Tap the three-dot or two-dot (according to the phone) from menu button.
  4. Look for the words “Call Forwarding” or “More settings.”
  5. Choose “call forwarding” then tap voice call option.
  6. Ensure that all choices are switched off.

How can I turn off call forwarding in Samsung phones?

If you have a Samsung smartphone and learn how to stop call forwarding in airtel, then follow these simple steps.

  1. Tap Phone from Samsung Home screen.
  2. Choose the MORE button.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Choose More settings.
  5. Select Call forwarding.
  6. Press the Always Forward button.
  7. Click Turn off.

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How do you know if Airtel call forwarding is on?

From your phone, press the dialer button and enter the give code *#62#. If you have dual sim cards, choose the sim card with which you want to test the call forwarding function.
Step 2: Then, press the dial button. If you see the message “Not forwarded” on your phone, it means your phone number is secure.

What is unconditional call forwarding active?

Unconditional Call Forwarding (CFU) automatically forwards all calls to another phone number without asking the system to ring.

Why call forwarding is not working?

If you get a busy signal when you try to use Call Forwarding, you can need to update the settings on your phone and double-check that you’re using the function correctly. Check that your phone is set to tone rather than a pulse. With this simple verify step you can able to know that why call forwarding is not working on your device.

Is Call Forwarding free on Airtel?

Airtel would not charge for call forwarding. This free Airtel service allows you to forward incoming phone calls to another phone. You use your phone to activate and deactivate the call forwarding feature.

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