Jio To Airtel Port Number 2024 – How To Port Jio Sim To Airtel?

Jio to Airtel port number allows users to port their Jio sim into Airtel easily. Most of the Jio users want to port their Jio sim card into the Airtel sim to get better internet services. So if you are also one of them you must use this Jio to Airtel port no service.

Most of the time users visit their nearby telecom shop to port their jio numbers. But porting Jio sim to Airtel is not a hard task to do.

How Can I Port From Jio To Airtel? – Jio To Airtel Port Method

To port, your Jio sim into Airtel just uses the Jio to Airtel port number on your device correctly. Open a messaging app on your device and write PORT <Space> (your number) and send it to 1900

1900 is a specific number that helps you to generate your unique Jio to Airtel porting code. Now you will get an SMS containing your special Jio porting code from 1901.

Now all you have to do is to visit the nearest Airtel store and complete the documentation formalities. After verifying your documents you have to pay a portability fee to get your new Airtel sim card.

What Is Jio To Airtel Port Number?

The Jio to Airtel port number is 1900 on which you have to send a message “PORT” to start your porting procedure. This process will avail you of the unique code to port from Jio to Airtel sim.

Can I Change My Jio Number To Airtel?

Yes, you can easily port your Jio number to Airtel to enjoy Airtel telecom services. To port Jio to Airtel sim the best way is to use the latest Jio to Airtel port number 2024 Just write a Port SMS on your device and send to 1900 number to port your Jio sim to Airtel.

At the current time, Jio to Airtel port offer 2024 is so famous. So you should also try to port your Jio number to Airtel telecom services.

How Much Does It Cost To Port Jio To Airtel?

The cost to port a Jio sim to Airtel is not fixed by the company yet. Jio to Airtel port cost can change according to your city or location. But the main Jio sim to Airtel port cost is the first plan you have to buy to start your Airtel sim.

How Many Days Take To PORT Jio To Airtel?

The Jio to Airtel PORT can take up to 3 to 5 working days after successful validation. Your services will not get interrupted during the PORT process and you will be able to use your Jio sim without any problem.

Is Porting Jio To Airtel Free?

Yes, the Porting process of Jio to Airtel is free for the users. But you will have to recharge your new Airtel sim with one of the Airtel subscription packs to start your services. This recharge is important in order to activate your Airtel sim after the Jio to Airtel Porting process.

How To Port Jio To Airtel Without Sending SMS?

According to the official telecom guidelines you have to send a particular SMS from a sim to port your number. So we can say that there is no way to port Jio to Airtel without sending SMS in 2024. However, you can get help from a nearby telecommunication shop to get your porting process.

How To Port Jio Sim To Airtel 2024?

To port your number to Airtel telecom company all you need is a unique Jio to Airtel port number. To get (UPC) unique porting code you have to send a message as we discussed above. Just follow the simple above-mentioned steps and port Jio sim to Airtel.

By using the Jio to Airtel port code it gets so easy to port your sim to Airtel. However, sending a message via your sim is mandatory for all.

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What Is Jio To Airtel Port Postpaid Cost And Benefits?

The cost for porting Jio postpaid number to Airtel postpaid can differ according to your usage. In order to port your postpaid Jio number to Airtel you have to do the same steps as the prepaid one. 

Getting your number port from Jio postpaid to Airtel avails you of some benefits too. However, Airtel has costly plans but the speed of its internet connection is unmatchable.

How To Port Your Number To Airtel Prepaid Online?

  • Visit the Airtel official website on your device.
  • Click on the postpaid section available in the menu bar.
  • Click on the switch prepaid to postpaid.
  • Select your plan from the available choices.
  • After getting done with your paperwork now you can use Airtel postpaid services.

3 Easy Steps To Port Jio Sim Number To Airtel 2024

In order to port Jio number to Airtel all you have to do is follow the three steps only. According to the company, these are the 3 steps to port your sim to Airtel.

  • Select your plan and confirm the port-in request.
  • The Airtel executive will visit you and after taking your details give you the new sim.
  • Insert the Airtel sim on your mobile and enjoy the Airtel services.

Does The Jio To Airtel Port Number Really Work?

Jio to Airtel port no 2024 helps you to give your port request to your telecom service. After sending the message on Jio to Airtel port code you get (UPC) to change any or Jio number to Airtel.

Althouh you can also use the Airtel ussd code and Jio ussd code to activate your new services on ported SIM card.

Queries About Jio To Airtel Port Number

What Is The Jio To Airtel Port Number Code?

It is a specific code called a unique porting code you get after sending a message to 1900.

What Is The Best Way To Port Your Jio Sim To Airtel?

Using both Airtel Jio to Airtel port number 1900 you can port your Jio sim to Airtel in the fastest way possible.

Can I PORT Jio to Airtel?

Yes, you can PORT Jio to Airtel by sending SMS “PORT” <SPACE> “Your Number” to 1900.

What Is The Minimum Recharge For Airtel After Porting?

The cheapest plan if Airtel is Rs. 197. It is the first plan of Airtel where you will get unlimited calling & 300 SMS for 28 days.

Once you have ported your jio sim number to Airtel number then you need to save Airtel 5G APN Settings to experience the highest internet speed on your phone.

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