Ooredoo Balance Check Code Number 2024

In today’s guide, we are going to discuss the various ways to check Ooredoo balance via online, Apps, or by Ooredoo balance check code 2024. Before diving into the topics let’s take an overview by Ooredoo company.

Ooredoo, originally known as Qtel, is a worldwide telecommunications corporation founded in Qatar. Its headquarters are located in Doha, Qatar’s capital. The company specializes in mobile cellular services and operates in both domestic and international markets.

It operates in over 10 Middle Eastern, North African, and Southeast Asian countries, including Qatar, Indonesia, Maldives, Kuwait, Iraq, Algeria, Oman, Myanmar, Tunisia, and Palestine. Ooredoo was the world’s first telecom company to deliver 5G services in Qatar.

It is also one of the world’s largest telecom carriers, with over 115 million subscribers globally as of 2018. Customers have to know how to check their balance.

4 Different Ways to Check Ooredoo Balance in 2024

There are 4 major different ways to check balance on Ooredoo SIM card:

  • Ooredoo Balance Check USSD Code
  • Ooredoo App to Check Ooredoo Balance
  • Send SMS To Know Ooredoo Balance
  • Ooredoo Balance Check via Whatsapp

USSD Code to Check Ooredoo SIM Card Prepaid Balance

The Ooredoo network features its own set of USSD codes, which may be used to check balance offline. Ooredoo balance check code are easy and convenient to use because they do not require an internet connection or a smartphone. Although certain Ooredoo codes in Qatar are not free, the majority of them do not result in costs. The USSD codes for Ooredoo are as follows:

  • Dial *129# Ooredoo Balance Check Code Number.
  • To check the Ooredoo bonus balance, dial *129*2# Number.
  • To change the language of your Ooredoo voicemail, dial *100*1#.
  • To disable/deactivate your Ooredoo voicemail, dial *100*400#.
  • *103*phone number#: Please contact me.
  • For credit transfer, enter *130*recipient Hala/Ooredoo number*amount#.

Using SMS Service Check Ooredoo Balance Bill Details

Company also offer SMS service to the users so that users can easily get to know the Ooredoo balance or bill details.

You just need to type BAL SPE for English or BAL SPA for Arabic and send this text message to 114.

This is a no-cost service and you will be able to know Ooredoo number bill details.

Using My Ooredoo App, Check Your Ooredoo Balance in 2024

Ooredoo has a mobile application that allows you to check your different balances, including phone minutes, messages, and internet usage. It has a lot of other features and is quite user-friendly, in addition to checking the amount. Using the My Ooredoo app, follow these steps to check your balance:

  • Download or install the Ooredoo App from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Open the app, Sign up or log in using your Ooredoo number and password.
  • Select Services Option from the dashboard menu.
  • A drop-down menu will display after that.
  • Choose Shahry Voice from the drop-down menu.
  • Following that, your Ooredoo data balance and voice minutes use will be displayed on the screen.
  • You can check your Ooredoo data consumption in detail along with the expiration date if you press on the data balance menu.

You can follow the same step to know Ooredoo voice minutes or other details.

Prepaid Oordoo Balance Checking through Whatsapp Customer Care Number

Ooredoo provides a one-of-a-kind solution to check Ooredoo balance using Whatsapp. With the following steps, the customer support bot will assist you for Ooredoo Balance Check:

  • Ooredoo Whatsapp Balance Check Number is 44144414,
  • Open your phone book and type the above number.
  • Open WhatsApp and type the name you saved for this number.

Inquire about your Ooredoo balance Check information by asking the bot for query, and it will reveal your Ooredoo balance.

Below we have shared some general user queries related to the Ooredoo balance check, Hope you find it informative.

What is Genuine Ooredoo Balance Check Code 2024?

Press *129 # to get an immediate Ooredoo balance and validity check. Press * 129 * 2 # to check your Ooredoo bonus balance.

How Do I Check The Internet Balance On Ooredoo Kuwait?

Type BAL SPE (for English) or BAL SPA (for Arabic) in a new SMS message and send it to 114 for free. A reply SMS containing the balance will be sent to you.

How Can I Check My Ooredoo Flexi balance?

Dial *129*5# Ooredoo Code to check your remaining balance.

How to check Ooredoo Postpaid Balance?

If you live in Kuwait and want to learn more about Ooredoo Balance, Minutes, Plans, and other topics, you’ve come to the right place. To check your Ooredoo balance, dial *141*2121# and then 102*3# or *141#.


The above-listed method for Ooredoo balance check is compatible with Ooredoo Qatar. you may see your Ooredoo account balance account data at any moment and at no cost using these ways.

If in case, you face any trouble for checking Ooredoo Balance information then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide solution.

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