Samsung Network Unlock Codes 2024: Unlock Samsung Phone

It is one of the most common problems in western countries that usually the Samsung phone remain network lock. If you too are looking for change your SIM card then you might surely need to know the method to unlock Samsung phone.

That is why here we will provide you with the complete Samsung network unlock codes list. With the help of these network unlock codes for Samsung, you can switch your SIM to any operator of your choice.

What Is The Samsung Network Unlock Code 2024?

The major phone unlock code for Samsung is 0000. This is the default Samsung network unlock code in 2024 that works for most of the Samsung models.

However, in some cases, you might need the 16 or 8 Digit Samsung unlock code. These SIM unlock codes for Samsung are unique are you need to generate them.

Below, we have provided the methods that you should follow to get your unique network code for Samsung. You can also check out Qlink network unlock code, Straight Talk unlock code, and ZTE master unlock code if you are using any of these SIM cards on your Samsung phone.

How To Find Network Unlock Code Samsung?

There are several ways that you can use to find the unique 8 and 16 digit network unlock PIN for Samsung. These are as follows:

Using IMEI Number

To use the very first method to get your unique network unlock code Samsung, you might need your IMEI number. To get your IMEI number for you Samsung device, you can dial the code *#06*#. Once, you can get IMEI number, you should go through the following steps to get unique Samsung network unlock code:

  1. Open browser and visit IMEI Info site.
  2. Scroll down to network unlock option.
  3. There select your current operator and your mobile brand/model.
  4. Soon, you will get your Samsung SIM unlock PIN easily.

By Online Method

You can also get your unique Samsung network unlock code online. For this, you just need to visit the official website of your network operator. There login with your SIM card.

After logging in, just visit your profile and navigate to the network unlock option. Now, just fill in the following details and soon you will get your unique network unlock code for Samsung.

Through Customer Care Executive

You can also get your Samsung network unlock code through customer support team. Just dial the customer care phone number of the operator that you are currently using. Ask him about your unique SIM unlock PIN. They will ask some questions and once verified, you will receive your Samsung SIM unlock PIN.

So, these are some of the methods that you can use to easily get your unique Samsung unlock PIN to use any SIM card as you want.

Ways To Unlock Samsung Phone Using Network Code

There are several methods that you can use to unlock Samsung phone. These are as follows:

By Turning Off Your Device

To unlock your Samusng phone, just switch off your phone. Now, remove the existing SIM card and enter the new SIM that you want to use. After this, just turn your phone on.

Now, it will ask you for the unique Samsung network unlock code. Just enter the code and once verified, your Samsung phone will get unlocked.

Using Samsung Network Unlock USSD Codes

You can also unlock your Samsung phone by using a USSD code. For this, you just need to either dial #7465625*638*Samsung Network Unlock Code# or #0111*Samsung Network Unlock PIN#. Using any of these codes will help you to easily unlock your Samsung device.

Visiting Settings App

If none of the above-mentioned methods work for you then you can also unlock your Samsung phone by visiting the settings app. For this, just:

  1. Open your settings app.
  2. Visit your Biometrics and security app.
  3. Navigate to Other security settings > Set up SIM card lock.
  4. Now, tap on Lock SIM Card button.
  5. Now, enter Samsung SIM card PIN and tap on OK.

Once you go through all these steps, you can unlock Samsung phone without even using Samsung network unlock codes.

Samsung Network Unlock Codes List For Free

Samsung doesn’t provide you with dedicated codes to unlock your device. You yourself need to generate these Samsung network unlock codes to unblock your phone. However, the two major codes that you can are 0000 and 1234. Using them will help you to unlock the carrier of most of the Samsung devices.

Does Samsung Provide Unlock Codes?

Yes, Samsung do provide network unlock codes for its users. To get these codes, you just need to visit the official website of Samsung.

How To Unlock A Samsung Phone To Any Network?

To unlock your Samsung phone, you just need to enter the Samsung network unlock code after entering a new SIM card.

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