Vodafone Internet Settings Code 2024 – 5G Vodafone APN Settings

If you are facing any problems while using the Vodafone internet service. By using the Vodafone internet settings code you can get Vodafone 4g GPRS settings easily. By using this code you will instantly get internet settings for your Vodafone sim card. If your phone also supports a 5G connection then you can also apply the Vodafone 5G settings on your phone.

Vodafone APN Settings For Fast Internet

To change Vodafone 4G settings on your device go to settings>Mobile Networks>Choose sim> Access Point Name.

Vi APN Settings (5G/4G)Setting Details
NameVi LTE
ProxyLeave Blank
PortLeave Blank
UsernameLeave Blank
PasswordLeave Blank
ServerLeave Blank
MMSCLeave Blank
MMSC ProxyLeave Blank
MNCLeave Blank
Authentication TypeLeave Blank
APN TypeDefault
APN ProtocolIPV4/IPV6
Enable/Disable APNEnable APN

Alternate Vodafone APN Settings

If above mentioned Vodafone net settings do not work for you then you can also try this alternative Vodafone access point settings to get a 5G net speed.

UsernameLeave Blank
PasswordLeave Blank
ServerLeave Blank
MMS proxy10.10.1.100
MMS port9401
MCCLeave Blank
MNCLeave Blank
MMS Typedefault,mms
Authentication typeLeave Blank

Configure Vodafone Internet Settings

After installing the Vodafone GPRS settings on your mobile you can effortlessly troubleshoot internet-related issues. In most cases, smartphones are eligible to access this setting automatically. But if you are still facing any problems regarding Vodafone 4g internet settings you can request to get Vodafone GPRS settings.

You just have to send a simple SMS from your mobile number and then it will allow you to get Vodafone net settings. If you are using the services of BSNL then you can also try using the BSNL GPRS Settings USSD code for faster internet.

How To Request For Vodafone Internet GPRS Settings By SMS

To get Vodafone APN settings, just send the SMS “All” to 199 (Toll-Free Number). It will cost you “0” zero rupees to send this message to Vodafone services. 

After sending the message, check your mobile phone SMS inbox. Vodafone company will send you some messages with settings that you have to save as default. Now just restart your phone and start using your internet services. 

If it is not working on your Vodafone internet settings then you can also do it manually. It can be easily done by configuring the access point name settings of your mobile.

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How To Configure Vodafone APN Settings 4G/5G

  • Open your mobile settings and search for the mobile network settings.
  • Find the APN settings and click on the create a new APN.
  • Add Basic details like name APN, proxy, and username.
  • Set the APN protocol to IPv4/IPv6 and save it.

For Android Devices: Vodafone internet Settings Code

Visit the setting menu or your android smartphone and open the settings. Tap on the mobile network option and then on the Access Point Name. Now just tap on the add option there you can see the options to fill in settings details. 

Fill in the details such as: 

  1. Name Field = Vodafone Mobile Connect
  2. APN Field = www
  3. Tap ok and restart the phone to refresh settings.

Now you can easily use your Vodafone internet settings for fast internet on your phone. If you have any doubts about your data balance then you can use Vi Balance Check Number to get details. It will help you to know the balance left on your Vi Vodafone sim.

How Do I Reset My Vodafone Internet Settings For Android?

If this Vodafone internet settings code is not working on your mobile then wait. By resetting the Vodafone network settings you can get a fresh internet connection. Usually, we all are used to refreshing our service by switching the Airplane Mode of our devices. But it can be also done in various ways. 

First and the best is to restart your smartphone, it will also restart your Vodafone sim card connection. Using your Vodafone mobile internet connection for a very long time continuously can also affect its speed. So take the help of any Wi-Fi connection and change your internet settings to Wi-Fi mode. 

You can check your APN settings either it gets filled correctly or not. By selecting the Network to an automatic option, you can also reset your Vodafone internet settings. 

In the end, if these things are not working on your Vodafone network. Just remove your Vodafone sim card from the slot and reinsert it after 20 seconds. 

There can so many reasons behind Vodafone’s slow internet connection speed. But here are some major causes by which it can happen from time to time. 

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Reasons That Can Affect Your Vodafone Internet Settings

Below here are the reasons why you are facing slow Vodafone internet speed. But you can apply the above-mentioned Vodafone APN settings to make your speed faster like 4G internet.

  • Incorrect Internet Settings
  • Sim Card In the Wrong Slot
  • Wrong APN settings
  • Ending Of Data Plan
  • Handset Issues
  • 3G Mobile Phone
  • Network Coverage
  • Busy Servers

To be honest, no one can predict the actual reason behind slow connection speed. Because cause can be a mix of any or a single one. 

FAQs About Vodafone Internet Settings Code

What Is The Vodafone Internet Settings Code?

Vodafone internet settings code is 199 on which you have to send a message with the text “ALL” to get Vi net settings easily.

Is There Any Vodafone 4G Settings Code?

To set Vodafone 4G internet settings you just have to reset the Vodafone APN settings of your Vodafone number.

How Can I Get Vodafone 4g Settings?

Message “ALL” to 199 Toll-free numbers from your Vodafone number to get Vodafone Access point settings.

What Is APN Type In Vodafone?

Vodafone APN type is default,supl that you have to fill while changing your Vodafone APN settings.APN: portalnmms. MCC:404. MNC: 01. APN type: default,supl.

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