Vodafone Loan Number 2024 | How to take a loan on Vadafone?

Vodafone is a very popular telecom service provider in India and has a very powerful user base. If you are pursuing the services of Vodafone there are lots of Vodafone USSD codes that can help you in availing various Vodafone benefits and the Vodafone Loan Number 2024 is one of them.

Through this code, you can get an instant Vodafone loan up to a specified amount. Knowing this Vi Loan Number 2024 will surely help you in case of emergencies. So, without wasting any further time, let’s know what this Vodafone Chota Credit loan number is.

What is Vodafone Chota Credit?

Vodafone Chota Credit is a very popular term. So, whether you are a Vodafone user or not, you may have heard this term. Well, Vodafone Chota Credit is nothing but just the Vodafone loan number service that is provided by Vodafone or Vi. This service sometimes also referred to as the Vodafone Chota Credit loan number. This service can only be availed by the users that are using the prepaid services of Vi.

What is the Vodafone Loan Number Code 2024?

Vodafone is one of those telecom operators that allows its users to get talk time credit if their main account balance runs out. Earlier this service was provided under the name of Vodafone Chota Credit loan number. However, recently Vodafone and Idea submerged themselves and this service is now known as Vi Loan Number Service. For taking a loan, you have to just use the Vodafone Loan Number *199*3*5#.

For using this Vi Loan Number 2024, you have to just go through the following steps:

  1. Open your phone dialing app.
  2. Type the Vodafone Loan USSD Code and dial it from your Vodafone SIM.
  3. Soon, you will receive some instructions. Now you have to just follow those instructions for taking the Loan on a Vodafone Number.

If this code doesn’t work for you then there is another way that you can try for taking a loan on Vodafone. Apart from using the Vodafone Loan Number USSD code, there is another way through which you can get an instant Vodafone loan. For this, you have just send a message to “144” containing the text “Credit”. By doing this, you will soon receive a revert from the team of Vodafone with some instructions. You simply have to follow those instructions for taking a loan on your Vodafone number.

Criteria for the getting Vodafone Loan

Taking a loan on a Vodafone number may look simple, but this is not the reality. If you are a Vodafone user then there are special criteria that you have to meet for using the Vodafone Loan Number 2024. These are:

  1. As this service is only available to prepaid users. So, the very first condition that you have to meet is that you need to be a prepaid Vodafone user. This means that if you are a Vodafone Postpaid user then this service is not for you.
  2. Secondly, you need to be using the prepaid Vodafone services for the past 90 days. If you have completed three months using a Vodafone number then you cannot avail of this service.
  3. A user will also be not able to avail of the Vodafone loan service if he has any pending past loan. So, for using this service, it is necessary to settle all your past loans.

So, these are the conditions that a user has to fulfill for using the Vodafone loan number code.

How much loan can I get by using the Vodafone Loan Number Code?

Now the biggest question comes regarding the Vi Loan Number 2024 that how much loan can you take by using it. In general, a user can get a maximum of Rs. 10 loans by using the Vodafone Loan Number new. However, in some special circumstances, you can also get a credit of more than Rs. 10.

How do I get a 10rs loan from Vodafone?

Vodafone generally provides a loan of up to a maximum amount of Rs. 10. For getting a 10 rs Vodafone loan you have to just follow some steps which are mentioned in the above article. So, follow those steps for getting Rs. 10 loan in Vodafone.

Can I borrow money from Vodafone?

Yes, if you are a Vodafone user then you can get credit through Vodafone Chota credit. For knowing more about this, you have read our detailed Vodafone Loan Number article.

Is there any Vodafone loan number list?

No, there is not any list of this kind. However, the Vodafone Loan Number and USSD code that you can use for taking a loan are *199*3*5# and 144 respectively.

How can I get Internet Loan on Vodafone?

You may find Jio or Airtel offering the internet loan service to its users, however, Vodafone lacks this feature. It doesn’t provide any internet loan service to its users. So, if you are a Vodafone user then there is not any way to get the internet loan.

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