Does Call Forwarded Means Blocked?

Does Call Forwarded Means Blocked

Most of the new smartphone users get confused between the call forwarding or the number blocked. They might think call forwarded means blocked which is “not” right. Both are different terms and have different uses. So, in this post, we will clear user’s doubts i.e, “does call forwarded means blocked”. Read till the end to … Read more

Identify Sim Card Carrier

Identify Sim Card Carrier

Have you been questioned about your SIM card carrier name? It generally happens, User may forget the Sim Card provider’s name and look for how to identify sim card carrier. There are some scenarios when the user forgets the SIM card carrier name. So, in this today’s post, we will cover all these topics and … Read more

Vivo Secret Codes – Vivo Phone Test Code

vivo secret codes

You have visited the right page to know All Vivo Secret codes. This Vivo hidden secret code allows you to quickly accomplish various activities on your Vivo Android mobile phone, which includes IMEI number, screen test, display test, hardware test, software information, hard reset, factory reset settings, battery test, QC test, and many more settings … Read more