How To Increase Airtel 4G Internet Speed 2024 – Airtel 4G Slow Speed Solution

There is no doubt the internet speed of the Airtel telecom network is so good. But if you still want to increase Airtel 4G Internet speed in 2024 then come with us. Today we will discuss the step-by-step procedure to boost Airtel internet speed. Improving Airtel Sim’s internet connection speed can give you so many benefits to use the internet on your phone.

How To Increase Airtel 4G Internet Speed 2024 Android?

To increase Airtel 4G internet speed open mobile settings > open wireless settings > edit APN > save settings. Android users can easily increase their Airtel Sim internet Speed. To enhance Airtel 4G internet speed on your android device you just have to change your settings.

You can increase data increase in Airtel in 2 ways. You can change your GPRS settings or request online to increase net speed in Airtel Sim.

How To Increase Airtel Internet Speed – Android/Mobile/iPhone

By following steps you can easily increase Airtel 4G internet speed on Android or any mobile in 2024.

  • Open your Android mobile settings.
  • Click on the Sim card setting.
  • Choose Airtel sim & click on APN (Access Point Name)
  • Edit APN settings and fill values which we provided below here.
  • Click on the Save button.

APN Settings To Increase Data Speed In Airtel 2024

Fill out the only details below here and do not change other settings of your Airtel APN.

Name Airtel 4G
Username Airtel 4G Speed
Server *99#
Authentication TypePAP
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
Bearer LTE

How To Increase Airtel Data 4G Speed on iPhone?

Usually, iPhones automatically set Internet settings according to the sim. But if you still trying to find a way to increase Airtel 4G internet 4G speed then follow these steps.

Simple Steps To Increase Airtel Internet 4G Speed

  • Visit your iPhone settings
  • Click on the general
  • Click on cellular or mobile network
  • Turn on the cellular data options
  • Go to the mobile or cellular data
  • Click on APN
  • Change your Airtel Sim APN setting and save changes

How Can I Speed Up My Airtel 4G Internet?

To speed up your Airtel 4G internet open your mobile settings app>navigate to sim settings>edit APN (Access Point Name) and click on the save button. You can use the above-mentioned Airtel APN settings or alternate configuration available on our site to boost Airtel 4G net.

Which APN Is Best For Airtel 4G?

The best Airtel APN is Server:, MCC: 404, MNC: 10, and MNC: 10. By applying this setting you can easily speed up Airtel 4G internet speed with so ease.

Increase Airtel 4G Internet Speed Through Customer Care

Yes, you can also speed up Airtel 4G internet by calling on Airtel customer care number. Just dial the 121 Airtel customer care no. on your phone and tell the executive to change settings. Either the Airtel customer care executive reset your internet settings or send you the setting for installation.

After installing Airtel internet settings the speed of your Airtel 4G internet will automatically be increased.

How To Increase Internet Speed in Airtel 4G Hotspot?

By increasing the Airtel 4G internet speed you can easily increase the speed of its hotspot too. To speed up Airtel internet just change your Airtel APN settings 4G 2024 on your Android or iOS device.

What Is The Best Way To Improve Airtel Internet Speed?

In order to enhance Airtel internet 4G speed, change your Airtel sim APN settings or call customer care. By these two ways, you can easily speed up Airtel internet or data speed.

However, instead of changing Airtel internet settings most of the users prefer to call Airtel customer care. So you can also try it in the process to improve Airtel 4G internet speed.

How Can I Speed Up My Airtel Network?

The internet speed of your Airtel sim can change according to the place. Most of the time when you use your Airtel sim internet in open space it works well compared to blocked places.

So first you can use Airtel internet on the roof of your home to increase its speed. You can also change Airtel sim data settings to increase internet settings.

Why My Airtel 4G Speed Is Very Slow?

There can be various reasons for your Airtel 4G speed is slow. By restarting & changing your Airtel 4g APN settings you can solve this problem with so ease. Just open your Android settings and navigate to the wireless internet settings to edit APN settings. Now, fill in the above-mentioned settings and click on the save button to boost Airtel 4G internet settings.

Is There Any Airtel 4G Slow Speed Solution?

Yes, you can change Airtel APN setting to increase Airtel 4G internet speed. It is the best Airtel 4G slow-speed solution that you can do to enhance Airtel sim data speed.

FAQ About How To Increase Data Speed In Airtel

If you still have any doubt then read these frequently asked questions about increasing Airtel internet speed.

How To Speed Up Airtel Internet?

To speed up Airtel’s internet speed you can configure Airtel APN settings or call customer care.

How To Increase Airtel 4G Internet Speed 2024 IOS?

Open your ios settings and configure APN settings according to the table mentioned above.

How To Get High-Speed Internet In Airtel Sim Number?

Change APN settings or call Airtel customer care to improve Airtel internet speed.

What Is The Maximum Speed of Airtel 4G?

The maximum speed of Airtel 4G internet is 135 Mbps. This speed is the maximum speed that you can get on the Airtel network with 4G internet connection.

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