BSNL Message Center Number [SMSC Number For BSNL]

Have you ever faced the problem that you are not able to send SMS with your BSNL number? You have even recharged your number still you are facing the same issue that SMS is not sending in BSNL. There are various reasons for this but one possible reason could be the change in your BSNL message center number. That’s why here we will tell you about the Bsnl ap SMS service center number. This will surely help you to fix BSNL SMS not sending issues on your device.

What Is The My BSNL SMS Center Number?

The BSNL SMSC number is +919422099997. This number is valid for all the residents of Maharashtra. This is a unique 10 digit number provided by BSNL that will help you to fix your BSNL message not send issue.

You simply need to replace your current SMS center number BSNL with this number to get rid of BSNL msg not sending problem.

State Wise BSNL Message Service Center Number

The BSNL SMS center no that we have provided above is only valid for Maharashtrian users along with some selective states. Below, we have comprised a detailed list of BSNL message sending numbers according to different states:

BSNL SMSC Number For Northern States

If you reside in any of the Northern states of India then you can check out the number that we have provided below:

StateBSNL SMS Center Number
BSNL SMS Center Number Bihar+919434099997
SMS Center Number BSNL Jharkhand+919434099997
BSNL SMS Center Number Rajasthan+919417099997
BSNL HP SMS Service Center Number+919417099997
Service Center Number BSNL Jammu+919417099997
BSNL Message Center Number West Bengal+919434099997
Service Center No BSNL Kashmir+919417099997
BSNL SMS Center Number Haryana+919417099997
BSNL SMSC Number Chattisgadh+919422099997
SMS Center Number BSNL UP East+919417099997
BSNL SMS Center Number UP West+919417099997
SMSC Number BSNL Gujrat+919422099997
SMS No BSNL Madhya Pradesh+919422099997
BSNL SMS Center Number Punjab+919417099997

BSNL Message Center Number For Southern States

If you live in any of the southern states of India, then you can try using the numbers that we have provided below:

StatesBSNL SMS Center Number
BSNL SMSC Number Andaman Nicobar+919434099997
SMS Center Number BSNL Maharashtra+919422099997
BSNL Message Service Center Number Goa+919422099997
BSNL SMS Service Center Number Andhra Pradesh+919442099997
Message Center Number BSNL Telangana+919442099997
BSNL SMS Center Number Karnataka+919442099997
BSNL Message Center Number Kerala+919442099997
SMS Center Number BSNL Tamil Nadu+919442099997

BSNL SMS Message Centre Number For Eastern States

If you reside in the eastern states of India, then you should look for any of these numbers:

StateBSNL SMS Center Number
Arunachal Pradesh+919434099997

How To Change Your BSNL Text Message Service Center Number?

It is very easy to use the BSNL SMSC number. For this, you just need to use steps that we have provided below:

  1. Open your phone’s message app.
  2. There click on the settings option available at the top right corner.
  3. Now, from the available option, click on the “Message Center” option.
  4. After this select the right SIM card.
  5. The last step is to just remove the existing SMSC number and enter the new one and save it.

So, these are the simple steps that you need to follow to enter the BSNL message center number on your device.

Why Are My BSNL Messages Not Sending?

There are various reasons why SMS not sending BSNL. The two main reasons for it could be:

  1. The first reason could be that you don’t have sufficient recharge.
  2. The second reason is that your message center number of BSNL is not validated.

Is It Free To Use BSNL Message Center Number?

Yes, all the BSNL SMSC numbers that we have provided above are completely safe to use.

What Is BSNL SMS Center Number Delhi?

We researched a lot about this but didn’t find the SMSC number of BSNL for Delhi users.

If you are an Airtel user then you can also know about the Airtel SMS center number that you can use to get your Airtel message problem fixed.

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