Airtel Sim Activation Number 2022

Have you bought a new Airtel sim and want to activate it as soon as possible? If yes then using the Airtel sim activation number you can easily activate your Airtel sim without having any problem. Users can also use this Airtel sim verification number to activate Airtel sim after porting. So either you have bought a new sim of Airtel or ported your old number to Airtel, with this code you can easily activate it.

What Is Airtel Sim Activation Number?

The Airtel sim activation number 2022 is 59059 that you have to use to activate new Airtel sim. You can also use this tele verification number of Airtel if you have ported your sim into Airtel. However, if you want to activate Airtel sim which is deactivated then you might have to call on the Airtel customer care number. Talk to one of the Airtel care executives and ask them the process to active deactivated Airtel sim number.

How Can I Activate My Airtel Sim Online?

In order to activate your new 4G Airtel sim, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Insert a new Airtel sim into your phone.
  • Open message app.
  • Type SMS SIM <20-digit SIM card number of your new SIM>
  • Send it to 121
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS in your inbox.

This is the very best way after the Airtel sim activation number by which you can easily activate your Airtel sim. Sometimes new Airtel new users faces internet issue so know that Why Airtel Internet Is Not Working and solve it with simple explained method with the help of our latest blog.

Activate Airtel Sim Using Customer Care Number

Airtel users can also activate their new sim number using the customer care service of Airtel company. All you have to do is dial the Airtel customer care number and ask the executive to activate your new Airtel sim number. You might have to provide your personal details to the company for verification so that they can activate your sim fastly.

How To Activate Airtel Sim After Long Time?

If you have not activated your Airtel sim for so long then you can easily activate it by using the Airtel sim card activation code. However, if your Airtel sim got deactivated from the company side then you have to use the customer care number. They might ask you for some personal details for identity verification such as Adhar card details or your home address. Provide the details and you will get your Airtel sim activated in the fastest way possible.

How To Activate Airtel Sim By Recharge?

To activate your Airtel sim you can also do any of the recharge with the package provided by the company. But keep in mind that the Talktime recharge will not work to activate your old Airtel sim. So if you are out of money then we suggest you use the Airtel sim activation number to turn on it easily.

How To Check Airtel Number Is Active or Not?

To check Airtel number is active or not dial your Airtel number from another phone. Dial any number or dial the Airtel customer care number to know whether your Airtel sim is active or inactive. However, if your sim is still inactive then use the Airtel sim card activation code to activate it. Users can also check Airtel sim activation status by dialing the Airtel number check code that will show your sim validity and number.

What Is Airtel Minimum Recharge To Keep Number Active?

Recharging your Airtel sim with Rs 99 will keep your sim card active for 28 days. Rs 99 is the minimum recharge by which you can keep your Airtel sim active without paying high charges for it. Although you have recharged your sim and it is still inactive then you can use the Airtel sim activation number. Calling on customer number of Airtel can also help you to activate Airtel sim card.

What Is Airtel SIM Activation Time Period?

After using the airtel tele verification number it will take 1 to 2 hours to active Airtel number yours. But even after 3 hours if your sim will not get activated then you should talk with your Airtel care executive. Although there is less chance that you will not receive Airtel sim activation SMS after using the sim activation number Airtel.

How To Reactivate My Airtel Sim?

To reactivate your Airtel sim you can use the Airtel sim active number from your sim that you wanted to reactive.

How To Activate Existing Airtel Sim?

Dial 59050 from your phone and you will get a confirmation SMS of activating your Airtel sim number.

How To Activate New Airtel Sim After Porting?

If you have posted your sim into Airtel in the past few days then using a new Airtel sim activation number can easily activate your sim.

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