Vi Wrong Recharge Reversal in 2024

Sometimes user recharge the incorrect Vi phone number in a rush. In that condition, Vi wrong recharge reversal method is necessary to resolve this problem.

Many users don’t give priority to re-correct wrong Vi recharge for smaller recharge amounts. But if the amount is higher, then the user comes in worried for Vi recharge reversal.

What is Vi Wrong Recharge Reversal SMS Format?

Users can send a Text SMS to 51619 with text “WRR (wrong Vi number) transaction ID amount (correct Vi number)” to successfully proceed to get back recharged amount into correct number.

Example: WRR 9827XXXXXX 170852548XXXXX 598 9256XXXXXX

You may use this WRR Vi Format to transfer the recharge balance from the incorrect Vi number to the right Vi number.

Contact the Vi customer support staff at any time, seven days a week, to have the money returned to your account using your Vi phone number.

Different Methods For Vi Wrong Recharge Reversal in 2024

There are three tested methods for reversing Vi (Vodafone Idea) recharge.

  • Contact Vi Support
  • Use WRR (Wrong Recharge Reversal Vi) SMS Format

Many Vi user faces problem like sorry this number doesn’t exist, get the solution now for this.

Contact Vi Customer Support For Wrong Recharge Reversal

You may fix this incorrect Vi recharge issue by calling the Vi customer service number or sending them SMS. You will receive your money back into the right Vi phone number as a recharge once it has been properly verified by the Vi support team representative. However, in this situation, it is a time-consuming operation, and there is less possibility to undo a transaction if the incorrect recharge balance is utilized.

In order to resolve this Vi wrong recharge problem immediately, you may either utilise the Wrong Recharge Reversal Vi text messaging service

WRR (Wrong Recharge Reversal Vi) SMS Format

WRR (Wrong Recharge Reversal Vi) Vodafone Idea SMS Format: WRA (Number) (Transaction id) (Wrong Amount) (Right Amount) SMS to 54045

What are the Documents Required To Submit For Verification For Vi Wrong Recharge?

Rectifying the incorrect recharge, you must gather these information.

  • right Vi phone number
  • wrong phone number
  • ID for the transaction & amount

How Can I Receive A Refund For Vi Wrong Recharge?

You may ask for Vi Wrong Recharge Refunds by contacting to the Vi customer support. Vi representative will ask for the reason. If your problem is genuine, they will ask you for certain information, such as the transaction id, the time of the recharge, and the type of media used for the recharge.
After successful verification, they need at least 24 hours to complete Vi Wrong Recharge reversal process.

Is It Possible To Get Back Or Refund Vi Wrong Recharge?

Yes, For Vi wrong recharge reversal you need to contact Vi support center or SMS WRR format to 54045 number.

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