Jio APN Settings For Fast Internet 2022 – 5G APN Settings For Jio

You are sitting on your couch, having your favorite snack on your table, doing your office work, and suddenly the internet sucks. This is one of the most painful things that one could ever experience. If you are a Jio user then tailoring your Jio APN settings 2022 can surely help in resolving your Jio internet issue. 

Here in this article, we will discuss Jio APN settings for high-speed internet 2022 for android and other devices. By changing the Jio 4G APN settings you will be able to enjoy a faster connection. We will also discuss is there any Jio 5G APN settings or not along with the Jio internet settings USSD code.

What Is The Jio APN Settings 2022?

Access Point Name or APN can simply be referred as a gateway through which a device accesses the internet over a network. Like every internet service provider, Jio also comes with multiple Jio 4G APN settings along with Jio 5G APN settings. The Jio latest APN settings 2022 is “Jionet“. We will tell you about this Jio 4g APN setting for high speed in the further section.

Reliance Jio 4G APN SettingsJionet

How Do I Increase My Jio Speed APN?

If you are facing issues with your Jio connection then you should add a new APN setting. There are various Jio APN settings including Jio 5G APN, Jio 4G APN settings, etc. In the further parts, we have mentioned the steps for adding Jio APN settings for low ping. We will also tell you the best Jio APN settings or Jio APN for high speed.

How To Use Jio APN Settings On Android Smartphone?

In this section you will get to know about Jio 4G APN settings 2022 and for Jio 5G APN 2022 it is suggested to read later parts. It is very easy to use the Jio 4G APN settings on an Android smartphone for increasing the internet speed. For this, you have to just change your Jio APN to ‘Jionet’. The steps for changing Jio APN settings for high speed internet 2022 on Android devices are:

  1. Open your phone’s setting and click on Mobile Network or Network Settings.
  2. Now click on the desired Jio Number or Jio SIM for which you want to change the Jio APN Settings.
  3. Click on “Access Point Name”. Now you have to add a new Jio APN Setting for high speed internet 2022.
  4. For this, click on the Add option available either at the top or bottom of the screen.
  5. Now, you have to change the following settings.
Jio 4G APN Setting For High Speed InternetValue
Connection NameEnter Anything
Authentication TypePAP
APN TypeDefault
APN ProtocolIPV4 or IPV6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPV4 or IPV6
  1. Make sure not to change any other setting apart from the ones that we have mentioned above.
  2. Once you fill all the required details, click on the ‘More’ option and save all the details.
  3. Now, restart your phone for enjoying the faster Jio network connections.

So, these are the simple steps that one needs to follow for setting the Jio APN settings for high speed internet 2022. For knowing about Jio 5G APN settings, read the further parts. You can also know about Straight Talk APN settings if you are using the services of Straight Talk.

How To Use Jio 4G APN Settings On iOS Devices?

Most of the iOS devices themself configure the APN settings. Though if you are still facing network issues then you need to follow the following steps to configure Jio APN settings:

  1. Turn off your mobile data and connect to a WiFi connection.
  2. Open your web browser and search
  3. After reaching the site, Navigate to the Create APN option.
  4. Now, select Jio or Reliance Jio from the drop-down list and click on the Create APN option.
  5. Now, it will ask you to install or Jio APN settings download that you just created.
  6. Just click on install and your new APN settings for Jio will be applied.

So, these are the Jio APN settings that you need to apply on your iOS for enjoying a faster connection. You can also use these Jio APN settings for low ping. To know about the Jio APN settings 2022 for iOS devices, visit the further sections.

How To Use Jio 4G APN Settings On Windows Devices?

For Windows smartphones, these are the Jio APN setting for high speed:

  1. Go to Settings and click on ‘Mobile+GSM‘.
  2. Search for the data roaming option and set it to ‘Don’t Roam‘ and set the connection to 4G.
  3. Now, open the ‘Access point‘ option and click to add a network.
  4. Set connection name to Jio and APN to jionet
  5. At last, click on OK or Save option to apply APN settings for Jio.

So, if you are a Windows then you should use these APN settings for improving your internet speed. This is also considered to be the best Jio APN settings 2022 as currently there isn’t any Jio 5G APN settings for Windows smartphones. So, it is suggested to configure these APN settings for Jio 4G high speed if you are using a Windows device. You can also check BSNL APN settings if you are a BSNL user.

These are the Jio latest APN settings that you can use in Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

What Are The Default Jio APN Settings?

Following are the Default APN for Jio. If you face any issue with Jio then it is suggested to use any of the above-mentioned methods to boost your internet speed.

Jio APN Setting FieldValue
ServerNot Set
Authentication TypeNot Set
APN TypeDefault
APN ProtocolIPV4 or IPV6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPV4 or IPV6

What Are The Jio 5G APN Settings?

The Jio 5G internet has not yet been officially launched and through Jio 5G settings, you can know more about it. Though Jio has released a beta Jio APN settings 2022. This Jio APN 2022 is currently available for Android and iOS devices. For configuring these Jio APN settings, you have to enter the following details while configuring a Jio 5G APN 2022.

Jio 5G APN Settings 2022Value For Jio 5G APN
MMS Port8070
APN Typedefault,mms,supl
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6

So, these are the Jio 5G APN settings that one have to use for setting a faster internet connection for both Android and iOS device. Via APN settings you can also Increase JioFi Speed. Though these are under trial and there are some chances that they might not work for you.

What Is Jio Internet Settings USSD Code?

Sorry, but Jio doesn’t provide any Jio internet settings code. However, you can contact the Jio customer support team to get your Jio APN settings for high speed internet 2022. Besides this, you can also use any of the Jio 4G APN settings that we have mentioned above.

So, in this article, we discussed the various Jio 4G APN setting along with Jio 5G APN 2022 on various devices. All the details that we mentioned might surely be helpful for you. If you are an Airtel user then you can also look for the Airtel APN settings.

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What Is The Best APN For Jio 2022?

The best and latest APN setting for Jio 4G and 5G devices is “Jionet”. Above, we have also mentioned the method of using it.

Is There Any Jio 3G APN Setting?

No, Jio doesn’t provide 3G network, so there isn’t any Jio 3G APN setting for increasing internet speed.

What Is The Best Jio APN Settings For PUBG 2022?

All the APN settings for Jio that we have mentioned here are best for playing PUBG with the least ping. You can use any of these settings according to your device.

How To Restore Your Jio APN Setting?

It is very easy to restore Jio APN settings. For this just visit Setting>Mobile Network>Jio SIM>APN. Once you reach the desired location simply click on the Restore option available either at top or bottom of your phone. Doing this will help you in restoring your Jio APN settings.

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