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Today, In this post you will see all about the Airtel my wifi login, reset Airtel Dongle login password, change Airtel 4G wifi password and many more details for Airtel Dongle login IP Address.

Bharti Airtel Limited introduces the Airtel 4G Hotspot fastest wifi router. The best thing with this Airtel Dongle/Hotspot is that, It is wireless and gives the fastest internet speed that you have never experience before.

Airtel 4G Hotspot supports only 4G SIM. It is very easy to use and operate. To use an Airtel hotspot, simply purchase a postpaid or prepaid Airtel SIM and activate the plan according to your data usage requirements. There are a variety of plans to choose from and get the benefits.

Airtel hotspot is designed to carry it easily anywhere at any time to enjoy the 4G internet connectivity. Even you can place it on your pocket while traveling.

You can connect upto 10 devices with Airtel 4G Hotspot at the same time to browse online with excellent internet speed. The device you can connect are smartphone, tablet, laptop, or smart television. And the battery Airtel Hotspot will last up to 6 hours on a single charge.

So, if you are thinking to buy this hotspot, then with no doubt you have to looks for it. Airtel Wifi dongle is the best choice product for all internet users.

Buy Best Airtel Dongle and follow the Airtel Hotspot Login procedure.

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Lets start the article with 4G Airtel Wifi login steps.

Steps To Airtel My Wifi Login      

You have a router setup page, where you can customize the router settings just like any other wireless router. You need an Airtel Hotspot Login ID and Password to access the wireless router.

There are easy and simple steps to follow to login into the Airtel 4G hotspot dongle.

  • At first, You need to turn on the Airtel hotspot 4G wifi dongle. Once it is fully booted, you can proceed with another step.
  • Connect your device like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Smart TV to the Airtel hotspot WIFI dongle.
  • Now, it’s time to connect with Airtel Dongle IP address to change the password and make a secure airtel wifi connection.

Connect 4G Airtel Dongle Hotspot with Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Smart TV

Connect your device to the Airtel dongle wifi hotspot. You can see WIFI name like “Airtel-E5432-4456” (each router consist of different wifi name). Or you can find the Airtel wifi name at the back side of the Airtel hotspot.

Once you click on the Airtel hotspot name. It will ask to enter the password. To find the Airtel hotpost password, Check the backside of the Airtel hotspot. You will be able to see the password in fornt of WIFI KEY.

By doing this your device successfully connects.

Connect with Airtel Dongle Login IP address

  • After following the above method to connect the device with an Airtel hotspot wifi connection. Open the browser.
  • Check at the backside of the airtel dongle, to find the Airtel dongle login IP address.
  • Now enter this Airtel Hotspot Login IP address on the browser.
  • Once you navigated to the router Airtel my wifi login page, it will ask you for 4G Airtel wifi login user name and password. From the backside of the Dongle, you will see the valid user name and password. Otherwise, you can directly enter admin in user name as well as in password. It is the default Airtel 4G hotspot user name and password.
  • After that, you will be successfully log in to access the Airtel hotspot setting.

Now you can follow the steps to change Airtel 4g wifi password.

How to change Airtel 4G hotspot dongle login wifi password?

  • Navigate to the menu bar “setting” option and choose WLAN. This brings up the WLAN list.
  • Next, choose WLAN Basic Settings. The simple wifi configuration page will appear.
  • You can change the name of your airtel wifi and encryption.
  • You have to mention your safe and secure password in the WPA pre-shared key option.
  • After setting up strong password, click to apply. The airtel wifi dongle restarts.
  • After changing the password, your device is not connected with Airtel 4G hotspot. So, select the name of your airtel wifi and enter the newly generated password.
  • Now your device is successfully connected with a secure Airtel hotspot wifi dongle.

Buy now dongle and follow Airtel my wifi login step to connect your internet with device,

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How to reset 4G Airtel hotspot login id and password forgot?

It is very common to forget or misplace the written 4g Airtel wifi login id and password. In that case, you don’t need to worry. You can simply reset your Airtel hotspot login password.

To do so, look in the back panel for the “Reset” button. For a few seconds, click that button. The airtel 4g hotspot settings will be restored to factory defaults.

With this one click, you have reset your forgotten Airtel 4G hotspot login id and password. Now set up the new password as with the same steps that discussed above. And try to remember or write in your personal diary.

Hope, Now you can do Airtel own/my wifi login with these easy steps. And never forget to set a new password for your new airtel wifi dongle.

From here you can also know How To Check Airtel Dongle Data Balance with 4 easy steps.

Whenever you forget you forget your Airtel number, You can check your Airtel number with ussd code.

Hope you have successfully Airtel 4G Hotspot Login or Airtel wifi Login with correct id and password.

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