Maxis Balance Check Code 2024 [How To Check Maxis Balance]

Maxis Communications, often known as Maxis Berhad, is a Malaysian telecommunications company. Due to a large number of users of Maxis, they always tries to look for Maxis Balance Check Code 2024 to do rechange on time.

Maxis was created in 1993 and is the country’s largest and oldest ISP (Internet Service Provider). As Malaysia has a well-developed GSM network that allows customers to make smooth calls throughout the country. Maxis is one of Malaysia’s biggest telecommunications company. Tourists also utilize their service, which is designed specifically for travelers.

Maxis Telecom company headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, although it has operations across Asia, North Africa, and South America.  Maxis provides simple alternatives for checking various types of balances, like Maxis data balance, Maxis main balance and etc.

There are three basic ways to check Maxis balance of your SIM card in 2024.

  • Via Maxis USSD Codes
  • Via Maxis app
  • Using Maxis self-care web portal

So let’s start with the first method to know Maxis Balance Check Information.

Maxis Balance Check USSD Code 2024

Maxis telecom company provides its unique Maxis Balance check code to know the current available balance on Maxis SIM card. These Maxis short codes  or USSD codes are easy to remember or you can bookmark our page and use Maxis balance check code whenever you want.

For Maxis subscribers, the following are some useful Maxis USSD code:

  • To check Maxis balance, dial *122# USSD Code (For Prepaid and Postpaid).
  • To open the Maxis Easy Menu, dial *100# Maxis Code.
  • You may also dial 123 or 1800 821 123 to get Maxis Balance information.

Some Other Useful Maxis USSD Codes 2024

  • To enable Maxis 3G data, dial *136#.
  • To turn off Maxis 3G data, dial *136*4#.
  • To activate Maxis background music, dial *117#.
  • To check your personal Maxis phone number, dial *139#.
  • To activate phone book backup, dial *135# Maxis Code.
  • To deactivate phone book backup, dial #135# Maxis Code.
  • To activate Maxis GPRS, dial *133#. (RM 10 chargeable).

Maxis How to Check Balance Using Maxis Mobile App

This is an online approach, therefore you’ll need an internet connection to use it. For Maxis check balance you need to download Maxis mobile app in your smartphone.

This application allows you to manage several accounts in one place. The following steps will show you how to check Maxis balance using Maxis mobile app:

  • Install & Open the app on your device.
  • Log-in to Maxis App using your Maxis phone number, or email address, or password.
  • After That, you’ll get a dashboard with your primary Maxis balance information, data consumption, and expiration date info.

Use Maxis Care Account to Check Your Maxis Balance

This is a great alternative for clients who don’t want to download. It functions similarly to the app but uses no phone memory, however it does utilize your internet data because it is, after all, an online approach to check Maxis balance. This method also makes it simple to handle many Maxis accounts.

Get information for Maxis balance check using your Maxis Care account, follow these below instructions:

  • Visit Maxis’ Official Website
  • Log in or Sign Up to your Maxis Account
  • On the dashboard, after you’ve logged in, you’ll see your primary balance and its validity. You may also see the balance in greater detail.

There is a an alternative way also to know your Maxis Balance information.

How to Check Maxis Balance in 2024?

Make sure your Maxis SIM card is up to date. Customers who are on a postpaid plan have a simple way to maxis balance check. In just a few clicks, they may view, download, and print their previous and present Maxis invoices.

The steps are the same as they are for Maxis prepaid balance checks. You may manage several accounts on the same portal and app, and you can even pay your bills from anywhere using the app and portal.

Check Balance Maxis Prepaid

By using the Maxis App, you may see the amount of your Maxis postpaid bill that is due.

Follow the steps outlined.

  • Once you’ve logged in,
  • Go to Maxis Bills.
  • Send your bill to your email and
  • Print it after it is downloaded.

Check Balance Maxis Postpaid

Visit Maxis Care to check the amount of your Maxis postpaid bill.

Online access to your Maxis Care account is available. After that, you must:

  • Your due Maxis bill amount and due date will be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Select Bills and wait for the bill to download.
  • You can print the bill after it is downloaded.

The procedures mentioned above for Maxis Balance check are simple. It can be used by anyone, even if they don’t have a lot of technical understanding. You can use any method: Maxis balance check code, app, self care portal, depending on preferences and needs.

Even better, the ways listed above are completely free, and you may use them even if your main Maxis balance account is empty. When utilizing Maxis USSD codes, make sure you use your Maxis number; other numbers will not work.

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