T Mobile 55 Plan 2024: Cost & Features

There are lots of exciting plans offered by various mobile brands, especially for senior citizens. One of these plans is the T Mobile 55 plan specially provided for people who are 55 plus. Here, we will provide you with all the important details regarding this plan along with its major pros, cons, and pricing.

What Is The T Mobile 55 Plan?

T Mobile Magenta or simply known as T Mobile 55 is a special plan provided by T Mobile only for senior citizens. With the help of this plan, a maximum of 2 users can access the service of T Mobile from a single account. Apart from this, T Mobile is also offering a lot of discounts for its users on this plan.

Types Of T Mobile 55 Plan That Currently Available

In general, there are 3 different types of plans that are currently provided by T Mobile. These are as follows:

T Mobile Essentials 55+

This is the basic plan for senior citizens provided by T Mobile. With this plan, you can get unlimited calling and texting. Besides this, you can also get access to 5G internet without any additional cost. Moreover, you can use a 2G connection in Mexico and Canada.

T Mobile Magenta 55+

Compared to the former one, this plan comes with some additional features. With it, you can share 5G data with your friends through Hotspot. Also, you can use 5G data in Canada and Mexico. In addition to this, you can also get access to Netflix and enjoy in-flight internet service.

T Mobile Magenta Max 55+

The last plan that you can get is the Magenta Max plan of T Mobile. This plan is quite advance and with it, you can enjoy features twice as compared to the previous plans.

These are the various plans offered by T Moible specially for the people above the age of 55. You can choose any of these plans to get 2 connection lines.

50% Discount Avaiable With The T Mobile 55 Plan

Usually, the pricing of T Mobile costs around $55 for a minimum of 2 connectinos. But with the 55 Magenta plan of T Mobile, you can save as much as 50%. This is quite great offer and money saving if you are a senior citizen.

How Much Does T Mobile 55 Plan Cost?

The price of the basic T Mobile 55 plan starts from $27.50. Also, its Magenta and Magenta Plus plan will cost you around $35 and $45. Compared to its competitors, the pricing of T Mobile 55 plan is quite reasonable.

Is Netflix included with T-Mobile Magenta 55+?

Netflix is included with both Magenta and Magenta Plus plan of T Mobile for 55+ users. However, with the basic plan, there isn’t any support for Netflix.

Do Both People Have To Be 55 T-Mobile?

If you want to use the 55 T Mobile plan then both the users need to be above 55.

Is It Worth Using T Mobile 55 Plan?

Yes, it completely worths your money as you just have to pay half price for some really amazing features.

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