BSNL GPRS Settings USSD Code 2024 [BSNL GPRS Activation]

BSNL is a very slow network provider so it is obvious that you might face a lot of trouble in using its internet connection. That’s why here we have brought the best BSNL GPRS settings USSD code for you. With the help of this setting, you will surely experience a faster connection while using the BSNL internet.

What Is GPRS Settings BSNL?

General Packet Radio Service or simply known as GPRS is a kind of technology that helps to transfer data through a cellular connection. This service is mainly used by teleoperators like BSNL providing 2G or 3G connections. This can help a BSNL user to send SMS, use the internet, or do video calls.

What Is The BSNL GPRS Settings USSD Code 2024?

BSNL net settings code is a kind of USSD code that can help you to get your BSNL APN settings easily on your phone. However, this BSNL GPRS settings USSD code is discontinued by BSNL. So, it is suggested to use the below-mentioned methods to get your BSNL internet settings easily.

Methods Other Than BSNL GPRS Settings Code To Get Your Internet Settings

Apart from using BSNL GPRS settings USSD code, there are two other methods of getting the internet settings for BSNL. These are:

  1. BSNL Net Settings SMS Code
  2. BSNL Customer Care Number

How Can I Get BSNL GPRS Settings Through SMS?

To get your BSNL internet settings through SMS, you just need to use the BSNL net settings SMS code 53733. Just open your messaging app and type “GPRS” and send it to 53733. After this, you will soon receive a message from BSNL containing your BSNL GPRS settings.

If this method doesn’t work for you then you can use the other method to get BSNL GPRS settings USSD code. For this, open your messaging app and type the following things:

<manufacturer of your phone> space <model number of your phone>

Just send it to the other BSNL net settings SMS code 58355. Shortly, you will receive a message containing your BSNL internet settings.

How To Get BSNL GPRS Settings Through IVR?

To get your BSNL internet settings code, you just need to call the BSNL customer care number. Then the IVR will get started. Just select the correction options and your BSNL GPRS settings code will get delivered through SMS.

How To Configure BSNL Internet Settings Code In 2024?

To configure the internet for BSNL, you just need to apply the steps mentioned here:

  1. Open your phone’s settings app and go to Mobile Network.
  2. There select the desired BSNL SIM card and go to the APN option.
  3. There apply the internet settings for BSNL that you receive through SMS.
  4. Now, save those settings and restart your phone.

These are the simple BSNL internet settings that you need to apply to enjoy a faster internet connection on your device. Being operated by the government, BSNL yet faces lots of criticism due to its slow internet speed. There are some precautions that you can take from your side to avoid the problem of slow BSNL connection:

  1. Insert SIM card to the right SIM slot.
  2. Ensure that your phone has the best APN settings for BSNL.
  3. Your area has network coverage.
  4. Active internet connection.
  5. No issue with your handset.

How Can I Solve BSNL Network Problem?

To solve the problem of the BSNL internet, you can simply use the BSNL internet settings code. Apart from this, you can also apply to the BSNL APN settings.

What Is The BSNL Internet Setting For Android?

Bsnlnet” is the best BSNL internet settings for Android devices. To configure this setting, just change your BSNL APN to “bsnlnet”.

Is It Safe To Use The BSNL Internet Settings?

Yes, it is completely safe to use the latest BSNL internet settings that we have mentioned above. However, if you facing any issue in using them then it is suggested to contact any technical person.

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