Motorola Master Unlock Code 2024 – How Do I Unlock Motorola Phone

Do you want to unlock your Motorola phone by using the secret code? If yes then here we are providing you the latest Motorola master unlock code by which you can easily open your Motorola device.

To unlock Motorola phone of any user all you want is the IMEI number which you can get by dialing *#06# on the phone.

What Is Motorola Master Unlock Code?

The master unlock code for Motorola phone is 787090. By dialing this code the Motorola unlocking menu box will appear on your screen where you have to select Yes.

After selecting the yes option now click on the OK button and it will ask you to fill in the unlock code. Now just enter the code & your Motorola device will be unlocked.

Motorola Master Unlock Code787090

Is It Possible To Unlock Motorola Phone?

Yes, it is possible to unlock Motorola phones by using the master unlock code for Motorola devices. You can also unlock your Motorola device without losing data with ADM.

But if you don’t want your data then you can also factory reset your Motorola phone to unlock it without knowing its pattern.

What Is The Master Unlock Code For Motorola Phones?

The Motorola master unlock code is 787090 you have to dial this code to unlock your Motorola phone. The unlock code of the Motorola device is the best method to unlock your phone without wiping out its data.

Unlock A Motorola Phone Without Losing Data By ADM

ADM (Android Device Manager) is an Android feature that can be used to easily unlock any Motorola mobile phone. By using this feature users can unlock any device which is connected to their Email address.

With ADM mobile application you can unlock Motorola phone without resetting its setting or wiping out the data. But you must need a stable internet connection for this process, so make sure it is before starting this process for unlocking Motorola mobile.

  • Visit the link:
  • Log in with your Google account Id & Password.
  • In the next step Google with automatically search for your device.
  • Choose the Motorola device which you want to unlock.
  • Three options will appear on your screen.
  • Select the option that allows you to reset your phone’s password.
  • On the empty Window, just enter the temporary password.
  • If the process gets done successfully then you will get a confirmation message.

Once you get done with this process now unlock your Motorola device with the temporary password and change the password of your phone from settings.

Unlock Motorola Phone By Forgot Pattern Password

If you still have Android version 4.4 then this method will be very successive for you. This method also lets you unlock Motorola phones same as the Motorola master unlock code without losing data.

The Forgot Password option is a feature of Motorola that allows users to unlock their devices in case of password & pattern forgot.

  1. After unsuccessful attempts click on the bottom right corner forgot password option.
  2. You will get asked to unlock Motorola phone in 2 ways.
  3. Select unlock with Google Account.
  4. Now, fill in your Google account username & password and then you will be able to unlock your device instantly.

How To Unlock Motorola Phone With Reset Factory Settings?

If you already have tried the above-mentioned Motorola master unlock code & steps to unlock your phone and still failed then the last option you have is resetting your device.

Resetting the Motorola phone will unlock it without a pattern or password but it will delete all your data as well.

  • Switch off your device.
  • Press the volume up button & power button together.
  • Your phone will activate in recovery mode.
  • Use the volume up and down button to navigate and the power button to select.
  • Select the data to reset the factory and press the power button to start the process.
  • Make your decision and reset your Motorola device.

It might take some time and your phone will get turned into factory settings mode where it contains any lock of device settings. So now you can unlock and use it without using a Motorola phone’s password. But as the last try, you can also try to apply the updated unlock codes like Secret Code To Unlock Android Phone Password or ZTE Master Unlock Code.

What Is The Default Motorola Unlock Code?

You can try or use the default Motorola master unlock code “1234”. If this code does not work or helps you to unlock Motorola phone the use above-mentioned steps.

How Many Ways Are There To Unlock Motorola Phone?

There are 4 ways by which you can unlock your Motorola mobile phone. You can use the master unlock code for Motorola, ADM, Forgot Password option, & Factory reset settings to unlock it.

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